Destiny Card Reports


Destiny Card Reports: Did you know that there’s an ancient mathematical formula that combines numerology, astrology and a deck of playing cards? This mathematical calculation has been on the planet for hundreds of years and was guarded from discovery by a secret order: The Order of the Magi, the three Wise Kings that found the location of Jesus' birth, mentioned in the Bible. It has been described as being so powerful that while the information was on the planet, orders were to guard the equation until consciousness transformed. It is now, after hundreds of years of secrecy, available to anyone that’s interested.

Here’s briefly how it works: This equation utilizes your birth date to determine your Birth Card. Your Birth Card describes your Soul’s identity in this lifetime. The Birth card is the most important symbol of who we are in this lifetime and the description provided allows you to read about your gifts as well as your issues and challenges. It is our soul’s essence. Most Birth cards have a Planetary Ruler card that is also very important.

Destiny Card Report:Used to harness influences and provides insight for the appropriate time to get your business to create money or times to lay low until an influence has passed. You will know when you potentially may meet a key partner in your life, get married, have a child or release your relationship and when to go about it with the most beneficial energetic influence for you. Your Destiny report is based on your birth date and changes every year.

DESTINY CARD report that includes your Birth Card and Planetary ruling card for one person $25. This report is emailed directly to you. This makes a GREAT birthday gift as your Destiny card calculation and influences changes every year ON YOUR BIRTH DATE.

What is needed to order a report?

  • Your birth date including the year. (Accuracy is required.)

  • Your partner’s birth date including the year.

  • Birth time is needed if it’s near midnight.

****NO reports available for those born on 12/31.

Please enter the above information into the comments section of the checkout cart, or email Leni with this information.

$25 Destiny Card Report

- Emailed to you. Please include Name, Birth Date, Year of birth.

Your Destiny Card calculation changes each year on your Birthday!