Love Card Reports

Love Card Report: This report is used to understand the lessons, past life influences and underlying energies in your relationships. The two Birth dates determine the connections of the relationship. This report provides insight to determine the factors holding your relationship together. These influences do not change and you’ll only need one report per relationship.


ORDER -LOVE CARD REPORT relationship report between two people $25.00-includes postage. This report is emailed directly to you. The LOVE report is a one time report that assists you in understanding the connections between you and your loved one for the duration of your relationship.


What is needed to order a report?

  • Your birth date including the year. (Accuracy is required.)

  • Your partner’s birth date including the year.

  • Birth time is needed if it’s near midnight.

****NO reports available for those born on 12/31.

Please enter the above information into the comments section of the checkout cart, or email Leni with this information.


$25 Love Card Report

-Emailed to you. Please include Name, Birth Date, Year of Birth for TWO people.

The Love Card Report teaches you about your lifetime connections.