Monthly Group Clearing

Facilitator- Leni Onkka

SRT Practitioner-Matrix Process Practitioner-Prosperity Guide


   February 1, through December 31, 2017

 Each month the group receives absentia clearing

  Clearing includes

1st week-An affirmation
2nd week-Encouragement
3rd week-Clearing Statement
4th week-A few notes regarding clearing

 Choose your billing option below 

  Monthly recurring billing via PayPal-$45
Annual fee-$450

 Deadline for annual sign up: February 15th, 2017.

  •  Empower yourself with like minded group energy clearing, harmonizing to assist you in holding your positive core, magnetizing powerful, clear results.

  •  Designed to assist you in changing your attraction patterns, create new opportunities, bringing focus/ clarity, accelerating positive manifestation of your desired goals.
  •  Once each week you’ll be cleared of: Limitations, blocks, resistance, entities, attachments, manipulations and align you with the most benevolent outcome.

  •  A shift may begin to happen the moment you sign up. Remember, you will experience unique results based on your ability to align, allow and receive.