Matrix Processing

“There is a place where all things begin, a location of pure energy that simply “is”. In this quantum incubator for reality, all things are possible. From our personal success, abundance and healing, to our failure, lack and disease…everything from our greatest fear to our deepest desire begins in this “soup” of potential.

Through the reality makers of imagination, expectation, judgment, passion and prayer, we galvanize each possibility into existence. In our beliefs about who we are, what we have and don’t have and what should and shouldn’t be we breathe life into our greatest joys as well as our darkest moments.”
~ Gregg Braden, The Divine Matrix


The Matrix Process, Created by Mary MacNab

During a Matrix Process you will simply tell me your story regarding whatever is going on right now in your life. Your story has the clues and keys to the set of rules and regulations in your subconscious mind. By taking what seems to be a random story and looking at it carefully, we can deconstruct the way your subconscious mind has programmed your reality.


Several pieces of information are discerned. We develop two stories, one that is running, that you can clearly see in your life and one that is hidden also known as “the stacks”. The way it works is, the program keeps you pinging from one side of the story (the story that’s “up”), to the other (the hidden story) in order to keep us from connecting to new behavior.


The program keeps you from connecting to your new behavior by remembering your worst fear, which has been an outcome that was actually created somewhere in a past life or in this life in earlier years. That’s why it’s filed in your mind that way. You’ve actually created that outcome and your mind is trying to keep you from doing so again.


Within your story, you have rules and regulations that keep the story running.


Agreement: Holds the entire program in place.
Belief System: Our feeling or, energy that makes the story real.
Contract: Unconscious energy that creates an attraction pattern.
Symptom: Physical body symptoms created to hold the story in place.
Trigger: This is what triggers this program.
Rule: Part of the story that keeps it running accordingly.
Fear: Emotions that hold the story in place.


After finding the information, we clear the entire story, beginning to end. You are then free to create, without these sets of rules and regulations running your life.

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