What if You Could Be Free- Really Free of Your Fears, Blocks and Past Life Karma-so that You Could Have the Success, Happiness and Peace You Crave?

My name is Leni Onkka and people from all over the world call on me to clear their blocks to manifesting their heart’s desires.Leni Onkka

I work with actors, business owners, writers, corporate executives, teens…people from all walks of life who want one thing…..freedom from the blocks that keep them stuck, unhappy, and unfulfilled.

Sometimes your problems aren’t your fault.

Did you know that you’ve lived many times on this earth?  Each lifetime creates beliefs, judgments, scars, and patterns that you are not aware of in this present reality.  However, those echoes of your past are actively impacting your relationships, income, self-worth, and level of success.

You’ve been impacted by these past life echoes if you:

  • Always struggle with money
  • Repeat the same dramas in your relationships
  • Are continually attracted to the same type of romantic partner or friend, even if they cause you pain
  • Never seem able to reach your goals no matter how hard you try
  • Experience self- doubt, sadness, worry, and fear even when you try to think positively and focus on what’s going right

Why would you block yourself from creating something you desire?

It’s because there are past lives and situations in this life where you’ve been hurt or harmed.  The mind has memories about how those things happened.  From that experience, the mind will develop a set of rules designed to protect and keep you safe.  The rules can keep you from moving forward into financial abundance, a relationship, success, dynamic health or getting that new job.  Those rules work very similar to a computer program.  Once triggered the programming rules your energy.

Ready for some Good News? 

You can clear these blocks and past life echoes so that you can make this lifetime great!

That’s what I do.  I use a variety of spiritual techniques to clear your past life programming, trapped emotions, shame, guilt and trauma.  It sounds heavy, but the process is fun, fascinating, and will help you feel lighter and freer.  When you are clear, you are ready and able to attract miracles, people will begin to treat you better, and your life will change in ways you never imagined.

For a year was letting myself get triggered by one of our employees. I was unable to maintain equanimity around this person and it was destructive to both of us. After one session it was completely different. I no longer was charged or triggered. I have maintained neutrality around this person and been able to work closely on projects for the past six weeks. Magic. Thank you, Leni

~J.E., Colorado Springs

Through this work, Leni has patiently and gentle showed me how to live life to the fullest and observing lessons through awareness limiting personal discomfort in all the forms that, that can show up while embracing healing on all levels. And allowing abundance in all areas in for my human and animal family. Now I just need to learn to slow down and enjoy!

~T.S., Canada


A clearing session is a powerful tool that taps into the subconscious mind and releases beliefs, perceptions and judgements which have been keeping you from your highest outcome. You’ll feel FREE!leni_onkka_energy_clearing

When you have a clearing session, you’ll feel lighter and full of possibilities.  New solutions to problems will easily appear, along with the ability to put those solutions into action.  People will start to treat you differently and situations will resolve themselves.

Is it magic?  No, it’s clearing…and it works!

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